3 Signs Your Senior Parent Needs A Driving Refresher Course

In British Columbia, once a driver turns 80, they are required by RoadSafetyBC to have their family doctor complete the Driver Medical Examination Report (DMER) every two years. This test is designed to ensure that the individual is fit to drive, and it’s sometimes ordered before a person’s 80th birthday if they have certain medical conditions.

Upon reviewing the results, RoadSafetyBC may request that the individual pass an Enhanced Road Assessment or road test re-examination, depending on the class of license.

If you have an elderly parent or relative who needs to take either of these tests, refer them to North Shore Driving School to enroll in our Seniors Refresher course. This course is designed to assess and refresh the driving skills of seniors.

If you’re worried about you parent or relative’s ability to drive, regardless of their age, be on the lookout for these three signs that they may need a refresher course.


1. Reluctance to drive

Appearing fearful, anxious and reluctant to drive are all telltale signs that your senior parent could benefit from a driving refresher course. This kind of behaviour indicates that they no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel of their vehicle.

Taking a specialized driving school course for seniors may make them feel more confident, improve their skills and offer them a thorough review on the rules of the road.


2. Driving tickets

Take note if your elderly parent is suddenly accumulating driving tickets. Whether these tickets are for speeding, parking violations or failing to obey other traffic laws, they indicate that your parent isn’t complying with the legal standards of driving safety.

If your parent is unwilling to talk about the tickets, it’s prudent to ask instead if their car insurance premiums have increased recently. A rise in the insurance policy rate often points to driving infractions.


3. Damage to their vehicle

Next time you visit, have a good look at their vehicle. If you notice any damage, such as scrapes or dents, be sure to ask them how it happened.

In instances where someone else inflicted the vehicle damage, your parent is less likely to be at fault. However, if the marks were caused by your parent’s driving errors, they could benefit from enrolling in a driving school to relearn how to perform certain driving maneuvers.


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